SmileStar Spotlight: Meet Jessica!

Thank you, Jessica, for being one of our Skelton Orthodontics SmileStar! We were able to connect with Jessica for a short final SmileStar interview to find out what is new in her life over the past two years.

Q: What was your favorite part about being a SmileStar?

A: I loved showing off my smile. I'm so thankful for my time at Skelton Orthodontics.
Q:  What is your favorite place to go in Fort Payne?
A: Boom Town Makers Market. Our local artists are amazing.
Q: Why do/did you enjoy your treatment at Skelton Orthodontics?
A: I love people telling me I have a nice smile. Several years ago, when I was serving tables, I once had an older gentleman customer ask me if he could have my teeth when I died. His wife was so embarrassed she looked like she wanted to crawl under the table. It's still one of my favorite anecdotes!
Q: Tell us what is new in your life over the past 2 years.
A: This little Moon Girl (Luna Rosalie) has been lighting up my life! She just turned two on June 21st!


Chatting with Skelton Orthodontics SmileStar Jessica was so much fun! Jessica told us of some exciting happenings in her life. She also shared why she enjoys being a Skelton Orthodontics SmileStar! Follow our Facebook page to see more Skelton Orthodontics SmileStar photos!

Read Jessica's interview here:

Q: What is your favorite part of being a Skelton Orthodontics SmileStar?
A: I had a really great experience with Skelton Orthodontics, and I love being a successful "after treatment" photo!

Q: Do you have a favorite restaurant in the Fort Payne area?
A: Limon's Mexican Restaurant in Henagar is the absolute best!

Q: What do you like to do on the weekends?
A: I had a baby named Luna in June! So now my most favorite thing is snuggling with her on the weekends. She is a little cuddle bug :)

Q: Where did you go to school?
A: I attended Plainview High School and Judson College. I also attended Jacksonville State University.

Q: Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?
A: Not currently. However, I am the office manager at Fort Payne Pediatrics. Being a new mom with a full time job is all I have time for right now!

Q: Why did you enjoy your treatment at Skelton Orthodontics?
A: My teeth look amazing because of my treatment at Skelton Orthodontics!

Q: What is a fun fact about you?
A: I love to draw, paint, and create. In my spare time, I've designed a few websites and graphics. Most recently, my favorite items have been creating custom birthday, wedding, and graduation invitations.

Q: Finally, is there a community event you enjoy attending?
A: I love attending all our local art & music festivals around Fort Payne and Mentone. I also love browsing the artists' booths. My husband Jared is a singer/songwriter, and he often plays at these events. Our local music scene is incredible. Fort Payne has a lot of home-grown talent!

Thanks for chatting with us, Jessica!

As always, we loved learning more about Jessica and her experience here at Skelton Orthodontics!

Patient Appreciation Brag Cards

Patient Appreciation Brag Cards

During Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week (June 6-10) we asked patients to fill out brag cards for our staff. We got great responses, and we would love to share them to brag a little more on our incredible staff!

Please see the following comments written by one of our patients:

"It has been a pleasure knowing Dr. Aimee Skelton and staff. Not one time have my 3 children been treated with disrespect... even with broken brackets. We love you all! You are awesome." --- Annett, Jacob, & Nate

"I love Skelton Orthodontics because they treat me and everyone else with respect and kindness." --- Josh P.

"The staff here is always friendly and supportive. Even in passing outside of the office, they are always friendly and full of smiles. Truly grateful for Skelton Orthodontics." --- Katrina M.

"I had a good experience getting braces. No pain!" --- Olivia W.

"The experience here was not as painful as I thought it would be. They work carefully and are extremely nice. Sand Rock would agree!" --- Derek S.

"I love the staff here at Skelton! Always sweet!" --- Malerie C.

"The staff here makes having braces a fun experience. They realize that they are bringing a smile that will last a lifetime and bring light to that with every patient." --- Mara B.

"What I think about Skelton Orthodontics is that I love all of the things. The doctor, the people, they all treat me good! I love it." --- Fermin C.

"I enjoy the happiness that each employee greets me with during my visits." --- Tuesday E.

"I cannot say enough nice things about Dr. Skelton & her staff. They have treated 4 of my family members, always with professionalism, courtesy, & genuine interest in each one. Thank you for all that you do." --- Lara S.

"Pleasant staff. Enjoy that they know how to laugh & smile!" --- Cindy T.

"Everyone is so nice and friendly! I have the best ortho!" --- Christina G.

"Each and every one of the staff treat and handle every single one of their patients nice and carefully. I wish to thank everyone." --- Evelyn H.

"Dr. Aimee and all the other staff members have always been wonderful. They are always so caring." --- Brenda H.

"I love Skelton Orthodontics' doctor and employees because they make my appointments amazing and fun." --- Jaycee B.

"I really do appreciate everything Dr. Skelton has done. Without her and her assistants there would be more people in the world with messed up teeth." --- Abby K.

"My experience at Skelton Orthodontics has been excellent. Everyone is always so nice and welcoming. It's almost like you're at home or with family instead of in an office." --- Shane R.

"All the staff here is patient oriented. They are some of the most caring staff I have ever used. I am happy I chose them to finish my braces. So thankful for this team!" --- Kellie

"I like the staff at Skelton Orthodontics because they like to start nice conversations with patients like myself and get to know us." --- Andy M.

"Staff is awesome!!! They are super quick and are very explanatory in what they do. Thanks for helping me get an awesome smile!" --- Wyatt

We appreciate all of the wonderful comments about our staff and doctors! Thank you to all of our patients!


Skelton Orthodontics Patient Reviews

"Probably the most efficiently run medical office we've experienced. Always greeted warmly and seen by the staff in a timely manner." - Amy

Superior service is something we are committed to at Skelton Orthodontics. We strive to respond warmly with clear information and personal attention - out of respect for every one of our patients. It is the desire of Dr. Aimee Skelton, along with her team, to provide exceptional orthodontic services and by doing so, build lasting relationships with our patients and their families.

We very much appreciate hearing from you!  If you are a patient of Skelton Orthodontics, provide your feedback by reviewing us on Facebook or Yelp today!



Skelton Orthodontics Patient Reviews

"I've never seen a kid get excited about going to the dentist! We love this place and the staff!" ~Ashley

We appreciate receiving reviews like this, that a child is excited about coming to see us, because we want that to be true for every one of our patients. Dr. Aimee Skelton's enthusiasm certainly resonates with both her and our team's care of each and every individual and their beautiful, healthy smiles. Our goal is to keep our patients smiling throughout their treatment and for a lifetime.

If you are a patient of Skelton Orthodontics and want to share your experience with others, choose a platform below to leave your review. We would love to hear from you!




Skelton Orthodontics Patient Reviews

Skelton Orthodontics Patient Reviews

"We love Dr. Skelton and the entire staff. Everyone is so friendly and helpful!!" - Stephanie

Thank You for your loving review, Stephanie! It is our desire to make every one of our patients feel right at home and have a truly enjoyable experience with us from consultation to completion of treatment. We strive for your best smile possible and like to see that smile throughout your treatment with us!

If you are a patient of Skelton Orthodontics, we would love to hear from you!
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Skelton Orthodontics Patient Reviews

"Dr. Skelton was always gentle! Both she and the staff always ensured I was comfortable and anxiety free." ~Serenity

The comfort of our patients is one of our main concerns at Skelton Orthodontics. It is important to us that your journey toward a great smile is as quick and painless as possible. Dr. Aimee Skelton and the team do all they can to make sure you are comfortable at your appointments because we understand that the process can be worrisome.

Thank you for your kind words Serenity! We love hearing reviews from our patients! If you are a patient of Skelton Orthodontics and want to share your experience with others, choose a platform below to leave your review!




patient reviews

Skelton Orthodontics Patient Reviews

"They take their time with each patient and make sure they are happy and understand all that needs to be understood. So glad we chose Skelton Orthodontics." ~Amanda

Dr. Aimee Skelton and the team truly care about each individual patient and their family. It means a lot to us to be able to receive patient reviews. We are passionate about our jobs because of the relationships that we get to build with our patients! It is important to us to make sure you understand your treatment plan and feel free to ask any question.

If you are a patient of ours, we want to hear your feedback! Review us on Facebook or Yelp today!

Skelton Smile

Skelton Orthodontics Patient Reviews

"LOVING my Skelton smile and how fast my teeth are changing!" ~Evelin

The Skelton Orthodontics team loves their field of work because it is all about smiles! Dr. Aimee Skelton is proud to see patients excited about their teeth moving. We know that it takes work and patience to get the smile you want, and we are here to make your experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible!

Are you a patient of Skelton Orthodontics in Fort Payne? We want to hear your feedback! Review us on Facebook or Yelp today!

Skelton Orthodontics Patient Reviews

"Every time that you go they are so nice, and every step is worth is so you can get a beautiful smile!" ~Ashlynn

We are so grateful for reviews like this one! Dr. Aimee Skelton and the Skelton Orthodontics team in Fort Payne are passionate about their jobs and love building relationships with our patients and their families. One of our most favorite times is watching a patient look at their new smile for the first time when their braces come off. It is so heart warming!

We offer free consultations to anyone interested in braces or Invisalign! Give us a call today to schedule!


National Children’s Dental Health Month Contest

Did you know that the entire month of February is dedicated to children's dental health? That's how important it is!

Dr. Aimee Skelton would like to celebrate National Children's Dental Health month by giving away a Fitbit Surge! Entering the contest is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Skelton Orthodontics Facebook page:
  2. Write a positive comment about your experience.
  3. All comments & reviews posted in the month of February will earn an entry into a drawing for the Fitbit Surge!

Need examples of what to write? See below and fill in the blanks!

  • Coming to Dr. Skelton's office makes me or my children smile because _____________________________________________.
  • I love how my child's teeth/smile ________________________________________.
  • Dr. Skelton's office is always __________________________________________.
  • Share a story of a time that Dr. Skelton or a team member made you smile.
  • Share how much you have seen your smile change under Dr. Skelton's care.
  • Take a "selfie" of your smile and thank Dr. Skelton in your post!
  • Find Dr. Skelton and take a "selfie" with her to post on the Facebook page.

Thank you to all and good luck!