Bullying Bites

Bullying Bites

Stand Up Against Bullying

There are a lot of great things to support in the month of October, but one thing that Dr. Aimee Skelton and our team is passionate about is standing up against bullying. Dr. Aimee Skelton is making a $1 donation for everyone who comments on our Facebook or Instagram post with an orange heart. You can also join us this year to take a stand against bullying with the by signing our pledge poster in the office. We would love to see all of our amazing patients pledging to speak out against bullying, report bullying when you see it happen, make others feel welcomed and valued, and think before you speak or do.

Wear Orange on Unity Day

Unity day this year is Wednesday, October 20, 2021. Unity Day is where we take a stand against bullying and recognize that no one should have to experience bullying. We encourage everyone to wear orange with us on October 20th and take a photo for Instagram or Facebook to spread awareness about how Bullying Bites. If you take a picture wearing orange, don’t forget to add #BullyingBites to the caption. 

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