Smilesgiving 2020

Smilesgiving 2020

It is time for Smilesgiving! The Skelton Orthodontics team loves to spread smiles for miles and miles all year long, but especially during the holidays. We are now accepting donations for our Smilesgiving! These donations go to local food pantries for those in need this holiday season. We need your help to fill up local pantries before Thanksgiving!

*To follow COVID restrictions and social distancing, we will sit a drum in the foyer for easy drop off. In addition, you can call in and someone will meet you at the car to pick up your donations for you.

Acceptable Smilesgiving Donations

We appreciate any and all donations for Smilesgiving, but the food pantries do request specific items. Below is the list of items that the food pantries accept. Click HERE for a printable list.

  1. Canned Fish (salmon, tuna, sardines)
  2. Canned Meats (turkey & chicken)
  3. Rice (brown & wild)
  4. Whole grain dry cereals
  5. Whole grain pastas
  6. Fruits in natural juice (no sugar added)
  7. Canned vegetables (low sodium)
  8. Canned soups & stews (low sodium)
  9. Nut butters (peanut, almond, walnut)
  10. Popcorn kernels
  11. Dried fruits (raisins, apricots, prunes, mangoes)
  12. Granola
  13. Herbal tea (green, white)
  14. Natural sweeteners (honey)
  15. Fruit juice (100%)
  16. Beans (canned or dried)
  17. Pasta sauce
  18. Shelf-stable milk (powdered milk, canned evaporated skim milk)
  19. Healthy snacks (granola bars, nuts)
  20. Spices (cinnamon, chili powder, cumin)

*Please avoid items packed in glass. No candy or sugary drinks.

We are Thankful for You!

Please bring all donations to our office by November 23rd. We will gladly take all donations to food pantries as a donation from the Skelton Orthodontics family. Thank you for joining our Smilesgiving and giving a smile to someone in need!

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