Brushing with Braces
Brushing with Braces

Brushing with Braces

Brushing with braces can certainly take some getting used to. When you first get your new braces, your orthodontic appliances can make it hard to clean in and around the teeth, which means teeth cleaning is more important than ever. Food particles can build up and cause plaque to form not only between your teeth but around your brackets and wires.

You want your teeth to be healthy and clean as well as straight when the braces come off. Whether you get clear aligners such as Invisalign® or traditional metal braces, it’s crucial to take the time to clean every surface of your teeth. Be sure to brush and floss consistently and use a mouth wash every day.

Tips for Teeth Cleaning with Braces

So, what’s the best way to clean your teeth while in braces?

Continue to schedule your dental checkups.
Schedule regular dental visits at your dentist’s office every three months. Skipping trips to the dentist while you’re in orthodontic treatment can cause plaque to harden over time and lead to gingivitis. We recommend more frequent visits with your dentist to to keep your teeth as clean as possible.

Brush four times each day.
If it sounds like a lot of brushing, don’t worry. It will quickly become a habit the more you do it. We recommend that you brush after every meal and before bed. To make it easier for you to brush on the go, carry travel toothpaste and a travel brush with you.

We also recommend using a proxy brush to clean all of the areas between the teeth and braces. Super-flossers are also great for removing food that gets trapped in and around your appliances. A WaterPik or AirFlosser is also helpful to help remove plaque buildup.

Rinse with fluoride.
Rinse with a fluoride mouth wash for a minute each night before you go to bed. This will help to ensure your tooth enamel stays strong.

If you have any questions about how to brush with braces or concerns about your appliances, contact our office.

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